About Us

McShaw Automotive Limited, Sri Lanka is the key distribution arm of McLarens Lubricants Limited.

The Company is a joint venture between McLarens Lubricants Limited & Renuka Holdings PLC, having merged to facilitate their comprehensive and expansive expertise in the automotive industry, bringing you such globally renowned brands Mobil and Delphi Lockheed.

McLarens Group of Companies, the parent company of McLarens Lubricants Limited, since its humble beginnings in 1944 has evolved into a leading conglomerate spanning multiple industry segments by providing innovative solutions with an unrivalled customer service. Today, the Group’s portfolio comprises of a variety of industries ranging from shipping and marine services to third party logistics to the supply of lubricants and automotive distribution among its prolific repertoire. The company represents the most awarded lubricant brand in the world, Mobil.

Renuka Holdings PLC is a diversified conglomerate listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. It is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Coconut based food & beverage with organic certified plantations, the Group has over a century of experience in the Tea industry and owns the number one Fish brand in the island. The Company’s subsidiaries engaged in a plethora of key industries ranging from Agri Food Exports (Plantations, Manufacturing, Global Marketing) to Dairy, from FMCG to Automotive Services. Renuka Group represents two fortune 500 companies in the Automotive sector and also has been awarded the “best under a billion” title by Forbes Asia in the year 2012 and 2013.

In 2011, these two corporate giants integrated to form an entity where Renuka Group and the McLarens Lubricants Limited seamlessly merged their corporate strengths and strategies creating a joint venture aptly named McShaw Automotive Limited.

By fostering global partnerships and technological advancements McShaw Automotive Limited, Sri Lanka has poignantly and effectively solidified their role as the chief Automotive Lubricant Distributor in the country.

The Company comprises of a team of over 100 dedicated personnel in the automotive sector covering the spectrum of key accounts, franchise car dealers, service and fuel stations, retailers, spare part shops and franchise workshops.

McShaw proudly boasts of a portfolio of products ranging from Engine Oil, Brake Fluid to Radiator Coolant. The joint automotive entity also represents auto-agencies and handles fleet management, covering a portfolio of over 4500 customers.