Quality Policy

At McShaw Automotive Ltd (MSA) we look to follow the dedication to quality & staff of our parent companies.
At McLarens people are the most valuable asset and it’s their dedication that amounts to the maintaining high quality of standards within the group.
Renuka Group’s quality measures are of stringent standards and are not compromised at any point. Renuka Group adheres to all aspects of quality from the raw material purchased to delivery of goods.

At MSA we strive to follow their example with a commitment to:

  • Guarantees our products and services are at the highest quality, by ensuring the adherence to industrial standards.
  • Strives to enhance customer experience and meet regulatory requirements with zero defects of our products and services throughout our value chain.
  • Staff at all levels of the organization are all engaged through employee empowerment to push the boundaries to seek continual improvement in our technical skills and capabilities.
  • Management leads our team with a strong commitment towards continual improvement by engagement & review of our QMS system including setting annual quality objectives to push forward the quality of our service & products.
  • Alignment with Principal’s direction on product and brand integrity ensuring best ethical business practices are followed.
  • To look to the future, how MSA can assist Sri Lanka reduce the future pollution levels.